Why Am I Losing My Hair?


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Why Am I Losing My Hair?

Hair loss occurs in both men and women. Hair shedding is a natural part of everyday life. 

On average you lose about 80-100 strand per day. If you are losing a significant amount and the strands are not growing back then it is time to find the trigger that is causing your hair loss so that you can find the best treatment for it. 

There are so many reasons for your hair loss which means finding the cause can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  It is important for you not to freak out about losing your hair because your hair will grow back.

To name a few, here are some common reasons for hair loss: thyroid disease, protein deficiency, iron deficiency, chemotherapy, and hormones.

woman in gray long sleeved top holding hair
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Types Of Hair Loss

You have genetic hair loss and you have reactive hair loss.

Genetic Hair Loss

With genetic hair loss, it is most likely that you are destined for thinning hair. This means that you may see a progressive reduction in your hair volume. And with that being said, certain hair follicles are sensitive to hormones which cause follicles to gradually shrink and produce finer hairs with each passing growth cycle.

Reactive Hair Loss

Reactive hair loss means that your hair loss is the result of some type of trigger. Excessive daily hair shedding can occur as a result of an internal imbalance like maybe a crash diet, severe stress, or illness.



It’s crucial to find out why you are losing hair as soon as you start noticing substantial thinning. Once there’s a diagnosis, you can start working towards a cure, or at least develop a treatment plan.

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