Dying Your Weave Bundles

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Before Dying your weave bundles there are several things to consider. Make sure the hair is 100% human and not a synthetic blend, stay away from lighter colors because the harsh chemicals that are needed to go from brown to blonde can damage the strands and be sure not to dye the strands all the time because that might lower their quality over time. It is also recommended to have the hair weave dyed in a salon by a professional stylist.

  • You will need to wash the weave bundles several days before coloring it to remove any styling product buildup. Do not apply conditioner or styling product to the Hair Bundles before coloring. Allow it to dry completely before coloring.
  • Comb through the weave to remove tangles. Put on the disposable gloves and mix the hair color in the bowl according to package directions.
  • Use the hair color brush to apply the color to the human hair weave. Make sure all strands of hair are thoroughly covered. Keep the color away from the hair weft.
  • Wait 10 minutes for the color to set. Rinse in lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Apply the after-color conditioner and leave it on for the length of time stated on the package’s directions. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Put the human hair weave on a towel and blot to remove excess water, replacing wet towels if necessary. Comb through gently. Allow the bundles to dry thoroughly.

Now that the dying process is complete it is ready for styling.

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