I-Tip Hair Extensions

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Tired of various hot fusion methods, and short-term alternatives aren’t an option? Try I-Tip hair extensions. These stick tip hair extensions are applied using a cold fusion method, without any heat, and can last for much longer than other hair extensions. I-Tip extensions are made from the highest-quality hair, for a soft, touchable, natural look you will definitely love.

Why Buy Stick Tip Hair Extensions?

So many women find it hard to choose which extensions to use and can often get lost in all the information that is available to them. We are confronted with different extension types, terms like Remy hair, wefts, bundles, tapes, clips, micro beads, and many others which might be very confusing and overwhelming. Each extension type is different and caters to different needs. Some are permanent while others are not, some are great for thin strands while others are more suitable for dense hair etc. That’s why is not a good idea to buy the first set of extensions you come across without knowing anything about it because it can lead to a lot of disappointment. I am going to give you the advantages and disadvantages of this type of hair extension which should make your decision much easier.

Advantages Of Stick I-Tip Hair Extensions

Not all women have the gift of having full locks. That’s when we turn to hair extensions to get that fullness we’re looking for. Adding I-Tip extensions can make all the difference in the world. You will have the control of your hair’s density and create that look you have always dreamed about.

Great Alternative To Hot Fusion

If you have ever tried the hot fusion method, you know that it can be a pain to install U-Tip extensions. Many girls are also wary of using heat for application and are looking for a good alternative. I-Tip hair extensions does not require heat for application and that’s why this method is also known as cold fusion. Also with I-Tip hair extensions no glue is needed because the I-Tips are applied using small beads, also known as micro or nano rings.

Can Be Installed At Home

If you have the knowledge and the tools, I-tip extensions can be installed at home. This is a great way to save money.

Easy To Remove

Detaching I-tip hair extensions is easier than the installation process and can be done in minutes. All you have to do is locate the first bead and use pliers to press on it. That will open the bead up and the I shape tip will simply slide down. It can’t get any easier than that.

Great For Thinning Hair

Because the I-tip hair extensions are light and doesn’t put stress on your hair, they’re the perfect option for anyone with very fine or thin hair. Many other application methods are not suitable for thinner hair and could damage it even further.

Can Be Used To Add Color Or Highlights

I-tip extensions come as individual strands, so you can add different colors and even create highlights. There are no limits as to what kind of unique hairstyles you can create and show off your personality.

Comes In Different Textures

We all have different hair types and textures, so extensions are made to match those natural strands. That’s why I-tip hair extensions are so easy to blend. Most common textures include straight, body wave, loose wave, deep curls, kinky curls, yaki and many others.

I-Tip hair extensions can be a great way to go without damaging your natural hair strands. Tried them already? Share your experience!

Please leave questions and comments below. I’d love to hear from you.



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