Now That I Have Removed My Hair Extensions

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Now that you have worn your hair extensions the recommended time, it’s now time to take it out. Some women may decide to put in another set of extensions right away. This is not always best for your hair. There are several important steps you must do first. If you are going to wear hair extensions you need to practice healthy weave techniques for your hair. Before you get that next weave, give your hair a little TLC first.

De-tangle your hair with your fingers. You will notice quite a bit of shedding the first time you comb through your hair after removing your extensions. This is the hair that you would normally shed on a daily basis, so don’t be alarmed. Since it’s been hidden underneath your weave for several weeks, most of it has stayed on your head. So before you run a comb through your hair, gently work your tresses with your fingers. It’s not as bad as using a comb right away.

And once you have completed this method, follow up with a wide-tooth comb. Shampoo your hair using a moisturizing shampoo and follow up with a good deep moisturizing conditioner to work out the tangles. Make sure your conditioner is suited for dry hair. Leave the conditioner on for the recommended amount of time. Comb through your saturated hair starting at the ends and working your way to the scalp. When it become easy to comb through your conditioned hair, rinse your hair thoroughly.

Your next step is to trim the dead ends from your hair. Only clip the smallest amount of hair from the tip to get rid of dryness. This works towards keeping a healthy mane.

Before installing more hair extensions, you should give your hair a good protein treatment. This will bring back the moisture-protein balance.

You should practice good weaving techniques to keep your hair and hairline healthy.

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