How To Care For Your Virgin Hair?

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Want to know how to properly care for your virgin hair? Virgin hair is a great investment. With the proper TLC, your virgin hair can last you up to a year. Although it may not be your “REAL” hair, you certainly want it to look and feel like your real hair. So even though your virgin hair is not your own, it still requires careful attention and regular maintenance. Maintenance is critical when it comes to longevity.

You should always shampoo your extensions before installing using a moisturizing sulfate free shampoo. You can detect any issues with your virgin hair at this time. Although this is not required, you can seal your hair wefts with a good quality weft sealant. Also you should only cut your hair when absolutely necessary. After installation, you should brush your hair out to remove any loose hairs.


Before shampooing, you want to make sure that your virgin hair is tangle-free. Start your detangling process by using a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush making gentle combing strokes. You should not use long strokes from top to bottom. Instead, you should comb in small incremental sections using short strokes starting at the ends working your way up towards the root to avoid excessive stress. You should also avoid combing or brushing the hair when it is wet because that is when the follicles are most vulnerable.


Shampooing should be done at least once a week, depending on the texture, perspiration and environmental conditions. You should use warm water only. It is always best to use a moisturizing shampoo. For best results and less stress on the hair, wash, condition and rinse hair in a gentle downward motion working from top to bottom.

You never want to massage or bunch the hair together. This avoids any motion that causes excessive friction. For best results and long-lasting extensions, be sure to use sulfate-free shampoos. Rinse after each wash and wash a maximum of two times. Apply a moisture conditioner starting at the ends working your way up towards the root. Allow the conditioner to stay in for 5 minutes, with heat if possible for a maximum conditioning. Let the hair air-dry.


It is best to use natural oils such as almond or coconut to achieve the conditioning effects. These oils will penetrate deeper and help moisturize the hair extensions.

Virgin hair, as I said before is a great investment for your money. So PROTECT your investment!

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