What is virgin hair, you ask? Virgin hair has been one of the top choices of hair for many African-American women. Many of you may wonder what is virgin hair? And why is it so popular?

Virgin hair is 100% pure which means it has not gone through any kind of chemical processing. This is great for women who has to avoid certain harsh chemicals. This is also perfect for those women who just want to try out a different look or just want to change their hair color for a week or two without having to resort to dying their natural hair.

Virgin human hair comes from one donor. This hair has not been altered by dying, perming, bleaching, heating or had any harsh washes. This hair can come from an Indian, Malaysian, or Brazilian. With this being said, there are many different textures and patterns which means there is something for all of us.

Virgin hair is more versatile. It is easier to work with. It’s silky with a more natural feel. It also accepts new color easily.

Virgin hair is some of the best and most expensive types of hair you can buy, but it will last you a long time with the proper maintenance.

Because hair loses its nutrients after being cut from the donor, it will need to be cared for properly. Use hair oils and conditioners. Avoid alcohol-based products because alcohol dries the hair out. Also, use your fingers to comb through the hair gently.

Virgin hair is very high-quality hair so very little product is needed. Using too much unnecessary products can weigh the hair down.

If the hair you purchase is 100% virgin hair, the cuticles will still be intact and running in the same direction. If not then the hair is not 100% virgin hair. You may want to consider this when purchasing your virgin hair.

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